The Outskirts

The Outskirts is the easiest of the four regions, and this is where new characters begin their careers.

In addition to offering traditional Five Card Draw, Texas Hold’em and Blackjack games, the Outskirts also holds a bar called It’s Never Enough and the venue Gold Rush which plays an original variation of Blackjack called Double Blackjack.

At It’s Never Enough players can order drinks from Kelky, who is also one of the opponents you will face at Jackson Street.

In addition to providing a variety of beverages Kelky also provides general information about the game, and if you tip her the maximum amount she provides you with a gift and you may begin seeing her play at higher-level venues.

The Outskirts is also the location of some game objectives – you’ll see that games played at the Stray Cat Pub provide a bonus payout for defeating the current Reigning Champion – become the Reigning Champion yourself and defend the title for an increased bonus payout for every game you win there.

If you defend your title five times in a row you’ll win a permanent title.

Additionally after a few days you’ll receive an objective to let Caleb win a game in Jackson Street.

To do this you’ll need to knock all the other opponents out of the game, then allow Caleb to win. For accomplishing this objective you win the Stop Watch.