The Lower Strip

The Lower Strip is the next region you’ll enter after playing through The Outskirts.

In addition to the usual assortment of games you’ll also find that some venues have special house rules.

Bad Hand Murphy’s plays a variation of Five Card Draw where the worst hand wins.

Regent Spade and Dive In Me host Texas Hold’em and Five Card Draw (respectively) using a Royal deck, which is comprised of multiple normal decks using only the ten through ace cards.

At Midnight Rambler you can play a version of Texas Hold’em called No River, where every player is dealt 3 cards instead of 2, and there are only 3 community cards to create a hand with rather than the typical 5.

There is also a shop on The Lower Strip called Gideon’s Pawnshop that allows you to trade in coupons for items that alter Texas Hold’em games.

You can earn coupons through completing Texas Hold’em games.

Every day two Texas Hold’em venues are randomly selected to be “Daily Double” venues, and you’ll earn double coupons for playing there on that day.

At Gideon’s Pawnshop you can also meld a few items together if you have them, thereby creating new, stronger bonuses. See Items for more details.