Loan Shark Tino

Loan Shark Tino provides several integral functions within the game world.

First and foremost he provides cash loans, the amount of which is based on your character’s fame level and may be augmented through the use of certain items. If you pay back your loans on time your character will receive a bonus to their Fame (up to Professional), however if you miss a deadline then every subsequent day you run the risk of an angry Tino tracking you down to get his money back. If he finds you, he takes the money you owe him and you receive no fame reward. In the event that you don’t have enough cash to cover what you owe him, Tino takes what little cash you do have, breaks your legs, and the game is over.

As the go-to Loan Shark for all of Vegas, Tino lends cash to many of the opponents that you face in poker games, and those who don’t pay him back on time soon find themselves with a bounty on their head. By defeating these opponents you can return to Tino and claim the bounty for a fame increase. However note that while bounties for the earlier venues cost nothing to turn in, bounties for the later venues may require you to give Tino some or all of the money you won from that opponent, since it was Tino’s money to begin with. There will always be four bounties available at any given time.

In addition to providing loans and bounties, Tino also offers several items. Players can obtain the VIP Card, the Golden Deck and the Silver Gloves by completing certain objectives.