There are several different types of items in the game: Consumables, Permanent items and Multiplayer items.


After every game you complete, it is customary for the venue to award you with a consumable. This is basically a consolation prize that is awarded regardless of whether you won or lost the game, the only stipulation being that you must play out the entire game in order to receive it – you can’t duck out prematurely.


When used, consumables provide you with a small bonus, dependent on the item. This bonus will last through the current day only. Many of these bonuses can stack with other item bonuses that affect the same thing, so for example if you have 3 Chocolate cookies (which award you 5% of your money back if you lose a game) and you eat all 3 of them, then you will be awarded 15% of your money back for every game you lose on that day.

It can be a helpful strategy to save these items for when you have Coffee – since each Coffee increases the number of games you can play on that day by 1. Through this strategy you can get some really large bonuses that span multiple games.


It’s Never Enough is a bar located in The Outskirts where players can purchase alcohol and pretzels.

Drinking alcohol increases the game speed – opponent turns will circle the room faster and are more difficult to visually keep track of, and the more you drink the faster the speed increases. Conversely, eating Pretzels will decrease and ultimately remove this effect.



Desert Plains is a secret venue located in The Outskirts. It only appears when the desert spirits sense that you’re on a losing streak and are in need of assistance.

To receive items here you must make an monetary offering, the amount may dictate which item you get. You may only have 1 item from Desert Plains in your inventory at a time. A chart of the available items is listed below.



Unlike consumables, permanent items are not used up after a day, and will confer their bonus so long as they are equipped. You may equip 2 items at a time, and in some cases the bonuses may stack with consumable bonuses affecting the same variable. You can also sell some of these items for cash should you ever run into financial issues. Note however that if you sell an item there currently exists no way to get it back, although I’m working on changing this.

If you have the pro-version of the game, some items will appear as “Random Drops”. For every new character created, a number of items are randomly assigned to some of the opponents who play at all the venues ranging from The Outskirts through the Mid-Strip. You obtain these items by defeating the opponent holding them (that is, you must win on the hand where they go bankrupt). Items accessible through Random Drops are not available in the free version of the game.

In addition to random drops, certain permanent items may also be acquired through completing certain objectives, or purchased from Gideon’s Pawnshop on The Lower Strip.








These items are exclusive to the multiplayer component of the game, likewise items from the singleplayer game do not impact multiplayer. All multiplayer items are available through the Poker Points shop. Unlike singleplayer items, there is no limit to the number of multiplayer items players may equip at once (or in this case have “enabled”).

Some of these items provide the character with additional capabilities during the game itself, while others allow changes to the game rules. Game rules are essentially voted on by all players within a group. Basically, when any player within a group has an item that adds a new game rule, all players within that group may vote on what rules they wish to play with prior to the game beginning, provided those players have ballots in their inventory for casting their vote.


Some rules cannot be combined if they exist within the same category, so for example players are able to vote for one deck rule, one draw rule, and one house rule. In the event that no other human players are in the group, the solo player’s vote goes unchallenged by the AI and the game plays by those rules selected by the player.