Getting Started

To get started with the game you’ll need to create a new character.

Depending on what gender you select, you’ll experience some different in-game dialog and a few other changes, such as the gender-specific opponents who appear at the High Desert State Prison.

All new characters arrive in Vegas penniless and with an empty inventory. You’re first introduced to Tino – an opportunistic loan shark who welcomes you to Las Vegas and entrusts you with a $500 loan that must be paid back within 7 days at 25% interest.

Tino also informs you of some ground rules – you can only play 1 game per in-game day unless you use certain items, and at the end of 30 days your progress will be tallied and scored, awarding you with a title.

After paying off your initial debt, Tino continues to serve an integral role during the game, to learn more please read the section on Loan Shark Tino.