Fame level is a significant factor to be mindful of as it grants you access to multiple game features. Fame essentially denotes your character’s level of acclaim within Las Vegas. It can be acquired through various means, but for the most part you will see the largest gains and losses tied to your performance during poker games.

Fame is primarily earned through defeating opponents in Five Card Draw and Texas Hold’em – in order to “defeat an opponent” you must win on a hand where they go bankrupt, simply playing and/or folding on the hand is not enough, you must be the reason that an opponent goes bankrupt so they remember you.

The more opponents you defeat, the more Fame you will earn. In addition, each venue has a Fame multiplier that scales upwards as the venues increase in difficulty, so for example you will win more fame through defeating opponents at the later venues than you will at earlier venues.

The amount of fame you win from defeating opponents can also be multiplied through achieving winning streaks – the amount you win per defeated opponent is increased after winning 5 games in a row (you are notified that you’re “On Fire!”), and increased again after winning 10 games in a row (you are notified that “You are Electric!”). The amount of bonus fame awarded through maintaining a streak is itself also dependent on venue and increases with regards to venue difficulty. Once you lose a game however the winning streak is over and you go back to earning fame at the regular rate.

Fame however can also be lost in poker games. If you lose the game, the amount of fame you lose is determined by the order in which you go bankrupt. So for example, if you are the first player forced out of a game, you will lose more fame than if you lose a game where it has come down to just you and one final remaining opponent.

Here also, each venue has a fame-loss multiplier that scales upwards, so you will lose less fame at earlier venues than at later venues. In the event that you defeat opponents but ultimately lose the game, both factors are taken into account while calculating your fame and you may walk away with either a gain or a loss respectively.

Fame may also be earned through settling debts with Loan Shark Tino on time (up to Professional), through turning in Bounties, and through consuming Vanilla Cookies. Your fame gains and losses can also be influenced through equipping several different items.

Your character’s default title is determined by their fame level – all characters start out as a “Nobody”. In addition to determining where you can play on the Upper Strip, fame also determines how much money Loan Shark Tino is willing to lend you – lose too much fame and Tino will shy away from loaning you anything at all.

Finally, fame is also used as a factor in calculating your 30-day score. Because of this, leaving a game prematurely will not result in any changes to your fame, so knowing when to fold and backout of a game can be helpful for minimizing losses. However keep in mind that leaving a game prematurely will still result in 1 day being used up, so that’s 1 day less you will have to work on maximizing fame if you’re prioritizing your 30-day score.

You can view your character’s fame level at anytime by visiting Loan Shark Tino.