Character Transfers

Whether you’ve recently purchased a new device and are hankering to play on your old character, or you’ve bought the pro-version but want to continue using the character you created in the free-version, transferring characters between separate versions of the game is possible! The process essentially involves uploading your character from your old device or the free-version, then downloading them back on your new device/version. The steps you need to take are as follows:

From your old device:
1) Start up the game and go to Options > Account Management
2) If it tells you that no account is found, follow the steps to create one. If you already have an account then skip to the next steps

From your new device:
3) Start up the game and go to Options > Account Management
4) It should say no account is found (if you’ve already associated an account you’ll need to reinstall)
5) Press Transfer, login with your credentials, then check the box(es) next to each character you want to transfer and press Select

The character(s) should then be downloaded to your device and playable under Load Characters.

If you ever forget your login credentials, please email me and I can reset them for you.


Games in progress do not transfer along with the character, so if you’re in the middle of a game and wish to complete it please do so from your old device prior to performing the transfer.

Unfortunately some character attributes are not transferable – namely your character’s Rank and all of the data listed on their Rankings page. Unfortunately this is due to cost limitations on my end as storing all of the relevant opponent stats for everybody would require substantially more server space, so opponent rankings return to their defaults and appear as they would for every new character. Of course this also means that your character’s Rank is reset, since it is based on your relation to all of the opponents scores. However, regaining your old rank shouldn’t be too problematic, just win a game or two at the venue where you were playing previously and, because ranking is based on the amount of cash-won, your ranking should jump pretty quickly back to (or very close to) where it was.

The other thing that doesn’t transfer is the high-scores list, and again that’s just because it would take up more space than it’s worth (most players spend maybe 30 seconds looking at it per life of the application.. if that).


Once you’ve registered an account, your device will automatically attempt to upload a copy of your character to the website after every game that you complete (assuming your device has a live internet connection). This will essentially create a backup copy of your character’s progress on the server so should you ever lose your device or choose to uninstall the game, you can always return at a later date and continue playing right where you left off.